December 18, 2019

Roger Mumford Homes receives RiverCenter 2019 Community Partner Award

The award is given each year to an individual or organization that works to promote and improve Red Bank.

RED BANK, NJ – Roger Mumford of Roger Mumford Homes has been named the recipient of the RiverCenter’s 2019 Community Partner Award. RiverCenter is a 501(c)(3) non-profit formed in 1991 to manage the Borough of Red Bank’s Special Improvement District. The Community Partner Award is given each year to an individual or organization that works to promote and/or improve Red Bank.

“We can’t think of a worthier candidate,” said James Scavone, Executive Director of RiverCenter. “The projects [Roger Mumford] has developed in Red Bank over the past several years have truly improved the landscape of our community. His housing projects have brought hundreds of people to live in our town. These people become instant customers to our downtown businesses and support the economic well-being of Red Bank. In addition, the work you did on the T. Thomas Fortune House allowed that space to become a destination and preserve a valuable piece of Red Bank history at the same time.”

Roger Mumford Homes accepted the Community Partner Award earlier this month at Triumph Brewing Company in Red Bank. “We all love Red Bank and are delighted to be part of its Renaissance,” said Roger Mumford of Roger Mumford Homes.

Headquartered in Red Bank, Roger Mumford Homes recently unveiled the Brownstones at Red Bank, authentically styled high quality townhomes between River Street and Catherine Street, and Fortune Square, new luxury apartments located on Drs James Parker Boulevard.

The Fortune Square project incorporated both the reconstruction and donation of a cultural center “Maple Hall”, the home of visionary T. Thomas Fortune, now a National Historic Landmark as well as a National Center for Historic Journalism. “The project provided a platform to do something I believe in – sponsoring a Cultural Center for education, advocacy, journalistic integrity, promoting better human relations and preserve Maple Hall,” Mumford added.

The Fortune Square project consisted of the restoration of the entire property, along with an entry area with benches and a monument commemorating Fortune, parking areas for visitors, internal walkways circulating the site and an apartment building to the rear that incorporated the French Mansard style of Maple Hall.

Looking to the future, Roger Mumford plans to develop unique projects in Red Bank with individual character that complements the area and preserves history.

About Roger Mumford Homes
Roger Mumford Homes was founded in 2005 by Roger Mumford, former President and Co-founder of the Matzel & Mumford Organization, which built over 75 new home communities in New Jersey. The builder has since earned multiple awards in recognition of its excellence in design and detail, reinforcing its brand and reputation. To learn more, please visit or call 732.842.1580.